Pittington Village Hall Community Survey

Pittington Village Hall Association are currently working with Durham County Council to take on the Asset Transfer of Pittington Village Hall which we are currently managing in order to keep the facility available for our community well in to the future. As part of this process we need to find out what our local community thinks of the service and facilities we currently provide, how likely you are to use the centre in the future and what you would like to use it for.

We would be grateful if you would be willing to share your views with us by answering this short survey. You don\'t have to give you name if you don\'t want to.

1. Do you think it is important for your local community to have a Community Building?

2. Why?
3. Do you think that your Community Building could be used to help to solve issues in your local community?

4. How or Why?
5. How many of your household currently use Pittington Village Hall for any reason?

6. Which activities do you or members of your household currently attend?

7. What activities would you use if they were available at the Village Hall?

8. Please give more details on what you would like, including any activities not in the list above?
9. If you or your household do not use Pittington Village Hall please tell us why not?

10. Has pricing ever been a reason for you not to use the Hall?

11. If pricing was a problem, please give more details.
12. Is Pittington Village Hall easy for you to get to?

13. If the hall is not easy for you to get to, why not?
14. How do you find out what activities/services are available at Pittington Village Hall?

15. How easy do you find it to book a room hire or a session in Pittington Village Hall?

16. If you have found it difficult to book a session at the hall or find out more information, please tell us why.
17. Do you use any other community centres in your area?

18. If so, which centres do you use and why do use this in preference to Pittington Village Hall?
19. What, if anything, do you think Pittington Village Hall does well?
20. What, if anything, do you think Pittington Village Hall does not do well?
21. Pittington Village Hall Association are considering setting up a Community Café with WiFi Internet access. Is this something that you would use?

22. If there was a cafe at the Village Hall, when would you use it?

23. The Café may offer catering for parties or other events you used the hall for. Is this a service you would use?

24. How satisfied are you with the service you receive from the voluntary Management Group and Volunteers?

25. If you are dissatisfied or very dissatisfied with the management commitee, please tell us why?
26. Would you consider volunteering to help at the Village Hall?
Pittington Village Hall Association relies on volunteers to run Pittington Village Hall on behalf of our local community. Volunteering can help you to learn new skills, gain work experience, make friends and give you a chance to help others. We are constantly looking for new people to join us to continue to provide this valuable service. If you would like to talk to us about opportunities that you may be interested in, please either enter your name and contact details here.